CuTE – Cultivating the Taste of Europe (2019 – 2021)

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This project, Cultivating the Taste of Europe (CuTE), brings together a strong consortium made up of an EU association (EUCOFEL) and 5 fruit and vegetables national associations from France, Greece, Poland and Spain. All partners share common interests and common global challenges. The defence and promotion of the European Fruit and vegetables (F&V) are a common mission for all the partners.

Our CuTE Consortium is submitting this proposal campaign to increase awareness of the specific features of EU F&V agricultural production methods (greenhouse & open air) and the characteristics of EU F&V (varieties, quality, taste) in the EU internal market (Topic C). Actions will be conducted in 5 EU target countries (FR, DE, EL, PL & ES). Some actions will also be developed in Brussels (BE).

Through deep market analysis we have identified 11 specific F&V to be in need of strategic promotional support in the context of this campaign. It is expected to achieve a change in the perception and awareness on the EU production methods and the specific product characteristics of our selected EU target population, among 2.5% and 3.5%, at the end of the three years of the programme.

To ensure the most pronounced impact within available resources, our campaign will prioritise groups particularly in need of, or receptive to, messages concerning high quality produce, respect for the environment and sustainability, food safety, the characteristics of agricultural product, including: parents of young families; children and teenagers; opinion leaders, especially journalists and food writers.

CuTE has a global programme strategy (very social, smart and close to the people, with a real interaction between our target audience and the different production methods, products and varieties) and a digital first approach encompassing a website; social media channels; digital and radio advertising; public outreach events and media relations action.

CuTE’s first 18 months 2019 – 2020

  • During the two years, the campaign has appeared in 669 articles and has impacted 220 million consumers
  • This ambitious initiative has promoted outreach activities such as workshops, mobile greenhouses and a major digital advertising campaign.
  • CuTE Cultivating the Taste of Europe is the first European information and promotion campaign for European fruits and vegetables, promoted by European producers and the EU

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