CuTE-4You – Cultivating the Taste of Europe for You

  • The CuTE-4You – Cultivating the Taste of Europe for You programme brings together a strong consortium made up of one European Association (FruitVegetablesEUROPE), and 10 partners (members of the proposing organisation) from the EU fruit and vegetable sector.
  • CuTE-4You will aim at restoring normal market conditions following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the EU fruit and vegetables.
  • The objective of this programmes is:
    • to help restore consumer confidence and the normal market conditions
    • target markets: Belgium, Germany and Spain
    •  during 2021
    • +18 Europeans (household purchasing manager)
    • total budget: 922.777€ euros

“So, look at the label, and make sure that your F&V are from here, from Europe. We all know that the best way to thank EU farmers is to consume and enjoy fruit and vegetables from Europe”.

CuTE-4You seeks therefore to launch the most political and social Programme ever launched at European level to thank the fruit and vegetable sector, communicating and highlighting the great work, often invisible but at the same time so vital that the sector has carried out during the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, the CuTE-4You programme seeks not only to highlight the sector, but also to address the population and communicate how it is our responsibility and commitment now, that of European consumers, to take care of the European fruit and vegetable sector and to responsibly consume products from Europe.

In the most difficult times EU farmers have been here for EU consumers, they have worked with courage and commitment to continuing cultivating to bring fruit and vegetables to the tables of all Europeans. Now, we need the Europeans to be committed with them, consuming fruit and vegetables from Europe.

Very soon you will discover CuTE-4You!!

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